Wind in the Windy City

The eco-friendly Hotel Felix and its sister property, Hotel Cass, a Holiday Inn Express are now taking steps to reduce the carbon footprints of each facility. While Hotel Felix was built to meet LEED silver certification, the Hotel Cass is now also pursuing ways to be a greener citizen in the hospitality world.

“In an effort to further reduce each hotel’s impact on the environment both the Hotel Felix and Hotel Cass, in partnership with GSY Energy, Inc., have begun the process of conducting an onsite renewable energy study,” said George Jordan, Area General Manager for the two boutique properties owned by OBG Oxford Hospitality Investment Partners. “The study will include a review of each buildings base-line use of electrical power and an assessment of what resources exists to create onsite renewable energy.”

He further explained that both locations are in a strong wind corridors and have therefore installed equipment to measure the actual power potential of each site. It is estimated that combined, both properties will be able to produce in excess of 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually from wind, further reducing the carbon footprint of each site. The study will be conducted over a minimum of a 6-9 month period with initial findings expected in spring 2010.

Corporations and individual travelers are becoming more conscious of the eco-friendly means of travel and hospitality. One study of 1,555 business travelers conducted by Deloitte in 2008 reports that the top five environmental initiatives guests watch for at hotels are recycling, energy efficient lighting, energy efficient windows, a linen and towel/reuse program and an environmentally friendly cleaning program. Hotel Felix offers all of these elements.

From the Daily Herald

Don a costume and check into the hip new Hotel Felix Chicago on Friday, Oct. 30, or Saturday, Oct. 31, and be treated to a $20-per-night Halloween credit. Don’t want to dress up lake Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? Present a carved pumpkin for display at the hotel. Arrive in costume and bring a carved pumpkin and you’ll earn a $40 rebate per room at check out. Guests and adults dressed in costume can gather in the Hotel Felix lobby at 6 p.m. Saturday for a costume contest. If the winner is an in-house guest, the prize is a free Saturday night stay and a winner from the general public could win a gift certificate for a complimentary future night’s stay.

Friday and Saturday, Oct. 30-31, at Hotel Felix, 111 W. Huron St., Chicago. (877) 848-4040 or visit

Halloween Perks

This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday. That coincidence should create a lively downtown party atmosphere on October 30 and October 31. Hotel Felix will be sold out but we want to give guests an opportunity to have some fun before the fun… and to maybe win a free stay at Hotel Felix. So here is the hook: any guest arriving at Hotel Felix to check-in on Friday, October 30 or Saturday October 31, in FULL HALLOWEEN COSTUME, will receive $20 off their nightly rate. Now let’s be clear, FULL HALLOWEEN COSTUME means just that… you can’t show up in a business suit and claim to be dressed as a “business person”. Costume means masks, makeup, wild outfits, etc. It’ll be fun. So break out the costume and save some bucks. For the same dates, any guest that brings us a carved pumpkin, i.e. jack-o-lantern, will also receive $20 off their nightly rate. We’ll display the pumpkins in front of Hotel Felix Friday and Saturday nights. Finally, we’ll have a quick costume contest on Saturday night at 6PM. Hotel guests and the general public are invited to show off their stuff. The winner will receive a free night’s stay at Hotel Felix. So pick your perk… costume, pumpkin, free night. Maybe it’ll be the start of a great and scary weekend.

See you Halloween.jack-o-lantern

Small Feet

Do you ever hear terms like “small carbon footprint” and wonder what the heck does it mean? In short, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere determines how big or small the “carbon footprint” is left behind. Coal fired electricity plants belch tons of carbon into the air. Traditional boilers that must heat an entire buildings use lots of gas or electricity and all of this contributes to a larger carbon footprint. A traditional large engine vehicle burns a lot more gas than a hybrid. At Hotel Felix, our rooms have “heat pumps” which allow for instantaneous cool air or heat without the need to run oversized boilers or chillers. It saves energy and delivers perfect room comfort to every guest regardless of the season. It’s just one way that when you choose Hotel Felix, you choose to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Does the option of having equal comfort while at the same time lowering your carbon footprint appeal to the average traveler? Consumers say yes, but only if the price is right. Choose small feet at a great rate… how good is that?

Marathon Madness

This weekend the annual Chicago Marathon will draw big crowds on Sunday morning. Hotel rooms are virtually unavailable downtown for Saturday night. But great deals can be found for Friday October 9. Dig a little deeper and explore the packages and the savings really adds up. Why not spend Friday in the City. Last weeks blog was pre-empted by the quick demise of Chicago from Olympic contention. I was depressed. How bout you? Are you relieved, saddened, or indifferent to Chicago 2016. In the meantime check out those Friday rates by visiting .

Olympic Fever

As we “fall into autumn”, rates throughout Chicago begin to tumble just like the leaves. At Felix, we’ve just announced a promotional campaign that creates value with rates that are “below our best availalbe”. So it’s a great time to enjoy the crisp clean air of the October breezes. In just a couple of hours, we’ll hopefully begin a huge city wide party in celebration of being selected for the 2016 Summer Olympics. As a member of the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid committee, I can assure you that everyone has worked tirelessly to promote Chicago and win the selection of the IOC. And with powerhouse natives like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and President Obama, along with Mayor Daley putting on a Chicago Blitz while in Copenhagen, our chances are good. What do think? Are the Olympics a net positive or net negative for Chicago.  (GJ)