The Second City family will continue their Laugh Out Loud tour and will be preforming Saturday September 29 2012 at 4 p.m. at 1616 N. Wells St. The new generation of comedians will preform original skits and stand ups along with the “Best Of” performances from throughout the year. Stomach aching laughter will fill the Second City theater, be sure to be a part of the audience!
Upcoming show times and tickets are available by website or by calling 312.337.3992.
Photo Credit: Heidi De Vries

Vegans Unite!

The midwest’s largest vegan food festival will be gracing Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood on Saturday, September 29 from 10am-5pm. The fest will include speakers, chef demos, a large food court, kid’s area, workshops, and live entertainment. From gluten-free deep dish pizza to hemp ice cream, the Vegan Mania Festival is bringing many yummy treats for patrons to enjoy. And remember, admission is free!

For all things Vegan Mania, click here.

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14th Annual Oktoberfest

Photo Credit: Richard Taylor

Enjoy guzzling down German beers, devouring bratwurst and sauerkraut all while being serenaded by live music? Then Oktoberfest is calling your name! September 28- September 30, 2012 at head out the East Lakeview neighborhood, Southport and Lincoln Ave. The fest will take place Friday: 5p.m. to 10p.m.; Saturday: 11a.m. to 10p.m.; Sunday: 11a.m. to 7p.m.  All the money raised will benefit St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church. So grab your best pair of lederhosen, enjoy the beer garden and ring in the fall season!

For a list of other Oktoberfest(s) near you, click here.

Feeling the Love from our Friends Down Under

We always love to hear when our guests enjoyed their time with us. We recently received this incredibly touching letter and poem from guests who hail from Australia and we couldn’t resist sharing them!

“To the management and staff

Of Hotel Felix, Elate Restaurant,

For the lady who looked after our room on the 10th floor, to the window cleaner, the lads and lasses at the front counter. And to the main ambassadors who meet everyone first hand at that darn red rotating front door with a real spirit of Chicago smile. And a how de do, each time one goes out. Not forgetting the guys and dolls from the Elate Restaurant, well done, you guys did Chicago proud. Must not forget the young bloke who carried the little bar fridge up to our room for my wife’s diabetes medicines, that needed refrigeration. Our son sure picked the right accommodation just a block away from his unit on Superior. We had a magnificent view out our window and I spent hours sitting there writing down our activities of the day. It was there I wrote a poem, of your Windy City, the sights and sounds. Never will I forget the sound of that Klaxton horn on the fire brigade, people, food and places of interest, there is still more to see!

Maybe another year hey! We came to Chicago to find the spirit of Chicago, but it found us! So you know, this poem included here, has been taken also to the Tribune.

Hopefully they may publish it, about two Aussies from Down Under. Also to the Chicago Spirit at Navy Pier and The Hard Rock Café.

We had a fabulous time in Chicago. Thank you all very much.


From Minden




The Spirit of Chicago Found

By Two Aussies From Down Under

We flew United from Down Under

Leaving many hours ago

Man was it a rush

But everything seemed to flow

Coming over We slept

We talked

We viewed the clouds

The morning glow

The night sky

The moon above

The aircraft seemed so slow,

It was a first

Never flew like this before

But roll on L.A. to Chicago

We have just to get up and go

Taxi ride from O’Hare

Peak hour

Slowed us down to a crawl

Cabbies driving on the wrong side of the road

Everyone pushing

Horn blowing

Move over, speed up

After our long trip

Enough to make us bawl.

We are from out of town

Give us a chance

We wanna see

The sights of your Chicago

The Windy City

Your town of renown

Finally level 10 Hotel Felix

At our window

To view high rise Chicago

We have time to slow down

Wow!!! How tall can you go

Cars seem like ants

Crawling tracks of bitumen

In one big endless flow.

Stopping at red light

That turn to green

To understand the quantity of cars

It just has to be seen.

On the morrow

We hailed a red bus on Michigan

With its cut down top

Climbed aboard

Took our seat

To view the Chicago scene

Loads of people, tall towers

Our city tour was not going to be a flop.

Kept our hands down under

The Chicago Loop

Warned of this, otherwise

Our hands would get the chop.

The signs said Route 66

People all round getting their photo fix

One day we will give it a go

Just like Billy Connelly

On his three wheeler, motorbike that is,

We will follow the flow.

A long walk along Chicago, Superior,

Huron, Erie

To the magnificent mile

1st trip, visit Victoria’s Secret

Panties, bra and perfume sprayed around

Could not but hide a smile.

Historic Water Tower, Hancock Tower

Willis Tower, one could not miss

Cause on our walk along Michigan

One could not miss

Marilyn Monroe’s Statue

Put the crowds in a tiss

Lining up for photos

Under that posture.

We all remember in her film

Some Like It Hot

The guys selling hot dogs

Rubbing their hands

Cause they were in the right spot

Across Chicago River

To Millennium Park

On the left the Art Institute of Chicago

Seeing the original masters

Broke my artists heart

We left the Art Institute

With samples of the masters arts

To put them on display

For my fellow artists

Right here in Minden Park.

Stepping back to Navy Pier

Around which our sneakers

Left their mark,

But not before we had lunch

On the Spirit of Chicago,

From which photos were taken

Of Chicago skyline

The enormity gives you quite a start.

Time for home

A bus to catch $2.25

Along Michigan

To Huron

Hotel Felix,

Another day Field Museum

Other places around yet for us to roam.

From our window

Down there on the corner Erie and Clark

The sign, The Kerryman

Has to be Irish

To be sure to be sure

To share a Guinness

Some cottage pie

We’ll be down there

By and by.

May the wind blow on our backs

As we walk on Clark

To meet the Fair Colleens

And to say G’day

To have a fine Irish meal

Coin a phrase of Clint Eastwood

Come on Paddy make our day

The spirit of Chicago

Motivated our legs, our selves

We walked and walked

Chicago, Michigan and Superior

Block after block

Sights we have only viewed on T.V.

Before our eyes

With open mouths, the high rise,

The architectures

The sights to see

With our Chicago City Pass

We knew where we wanted to be.

Photos taken for all at home to see will remind us forever

Of your spirit, we felt thru and


To return some day to your Windy City

Cause with your residents

We could never have a blue.

We will remember

The people who live and work in Chicago

Hotel Felix and Elate Restaurant Staff

The Spirit of Chicago at Navy Pier

The Kerryman

The Hard Rock Café (Angie & Tish)

McDonalds on Clark

Jake Melnicks Corner Tap

La Ma Dia

Navy Pier

Architectural Chicago River Tour

Untouchable Tour

Two Aussies from Down Under

Left your Windy City


With a smile on our lips

With the spirit of Chicago in our


To our dear Australian friends, we will always remember you too, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this beautiful poem. We hope you make another trip across the pond to visit us and to find the spirit of Chicago once again!

Photo Credit: Nimesh M

Monsters of the Midway

Your home town heroes hit the gridiron Sunday September 9, 2012 against the Indiana Colts at Solider Field! For up-to-date information about the Monster of the Midway, head to

Bear Down!!