Mag Mile Light Festival

The Magnificent Mile is all lit up for the holidays! For over 50 years, Chicago has kicked off the holiday season with over one million lights strung amongst the trees and building. Head out to Michigan Avenue for some shopping and holiday cheer!

Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer

We’re on Groupon!

For the next nine days purchase a stay for two at Hotel Felix from $89/night through January! With rooms usually priced starting at $152/night that’s quite a deal. There is a limited quantity of rooms available so don’t miss out!

To purchase this Groupon, click here.

Traveling for the Holidays

As we all know, the Windy City can be very unpredictable during the winter season, making holiday travel difficult. We have complied a list of safety tips if you cannot avoid driving in bad conditions.

1. Be sure to decrease your speed and leave plenty of space between yourself and other cars on the road.

2. Break gently to avoid skidding on icy roads.

3. Never use cruise control in icy conditions.

4. Do not pass snows and sanding trucks (and remember, they have limited visibility).

5. If you get stuck, do not spin your wheels. This will only dig you deeper into the snow.

In the winter be sure to keep a few essential items in your car:

1. Gloves, hat, and blanket

2. Windshield scraper, mini shovel, small bag of sand, gravel or salt (in case you are stuck in snow)

3. Flashlight and first aid kit

For more tips on traveling in the winter, click here. Drive Safe!

Photo Credit: Paul Heaberlin

Our New Addition

We’re excited to share a new addition to our front entrance – a brand new plaque that commemorates the welcoming of Loren, Madeline and Scrappy to the Hotel Felix family. This also reminds us that it’s less than halfway to Earth Day. Stop by our front entrance and check it out!