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We’re blushing after reading this great review from a past guest. Her review mentions that “walking into the lobby of the hotel has an instant calming effect.” And when she checked into her room, “I was surprised to find a queen-sized bed, a desk area and an overall generous space.”

Whimsical hit

Fun in the August City Sun

There are many festivals and events that go on in Chicago throughout the summer, but this month there are three in particular that make Chicago a great destination for summer fun.

  • Lollapalooza

  • Lollapalooza is a 3 day music festival held in Grant Park. It features over 130 artists of many different genera’s, but music is not the only thing Lollapalooza has. Amenities and activities include Morphie’s phone charging lounge, Camelbak’s water filling station, and an Uncorked Wine Lounge. Unfortunately, tickets for the main event are sold out, but there are spots available for the After Shows.

  • To learn more about Lollapalooza, including tickets and activities, click here.

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  • Air & Water Show

  • For 55 years, the Chicago Air and Water Show has impressed the public with daredevil maneuvers on both air and water. This year feature a wide array of headliners including the Firebirds Delta Team and Team Aerostars. Best viewed from the Fullerton to Oak Street beach, the show will be held August 17 and 18 from 10AM-3PM, both days.

  • For more information on the Air and Water Show, click here.

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    Jazz Fest

  • Not till the very end of August, but full of exciting festivities is the Chicago Jazz Festival. Since 1979 the Chicago Jazz Festival has showcased the talent of Chicago’s Jazz artists. Located in Millennium Park as well as the Chicago Cultural Center, the fest runs August 29 – September 1.

  • To learn more about Chicago Jazz Festival, click here.

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    Bonjour L’OCCITANE!

    You may have noticed a few changes in our washrooms.. We’re switching things up! We’re excited to announce we’re partnering with a luxurious, high-quality line to provide complimentary washroom amenities for guests: L’OCCITANE en Provence.

    Named for a region in the south of France abundant with fragrant fields of lavender, L’OCCITANE en Provence is a line that was founded by a young Frenchman, Olivier Baussan. In the early days of L’OCCITANE Olivier bottled up herbal essential oils and sold them at the local markets of Provence. In 1976 Olivier revived the lost art of traditional Marseille soap-making and the company steadily grew by leaps and bounds, with more than 2,000 boutiques worldwide to date.

    We’ve hand-picked the lemon fresh L’OCCITANE fragrance of “Verbena” and will be providing our guests with complimentary Verbena scented body lotion, body wash, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner. The refreshing scent of green verbena leaves is one that is distinct to Provence. This aromatic herb grows abundantly among the paths of Provence and is both invigorating and calming.

    Photo Credit: Indiana Public Media
    Photo Credit: Indiana Public Media

    We hope you enjoy our new amenities!

    Grow Your Own

    Trying a new recipe is exciting. What makes new recipes even better? Using ingredients from your own garden. Growing your own ingredients can help the environment in many ways. For example it can reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to transport groceries to supermarkets and you know the food you have is fresh and of good quality.

  • foodgarden

  • Here are some easy to grow veggies and herbs, and recipes to get you growing fresh foods and eating fabulously.

  • Cucumbers

  • The tip to growing big cucumbers is to keep them hydrated. Since they are 95% water, they need H2O at least twice a week. Cucumbers are a great addition to the summer, even when pickled.

  • Basil

  • This herb is fairly easy to manage. It can be grown in the ground, but also does well in a planter, making it an ideal herb for an urban garden. Already have too much basil on your hands? We recommend that you put it to good use in a simple pesto.

  • Snap Peas

  • You are probably thinking, “What am I going to do with snap peas?” Snap peas are a good choice to grow in a Midwest garden, because in temperatures as low as 40 degrees. With the ever changing weather, I’m surprised not more people do. Plus they are a good source of Fiber and Vitamin C.
    Still baffled about snow peas? Check out this Cashew and Snow Pea Stir Fry.

  • With these tips and a little encouragement you can start your own garden and bring fresh produce to any of your recipes.

  • For more tips on easy to grow produce, click here.

    Events at Millennium Park

    Parks are fun, but going to Millennium Park is an authentic Chicago experience. There are many attractions to visit in the urban oasis, including The Cloud Gate (AKA “the bean”) or the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Although if you plan to experience Millennium Park as the locals do, here are a few events to get you on the green and in the sun.

  • thebean

  • Exercise Saturdays

  • Free Saturday morning classes are available for all on the Great Lawn now through August 31. The free workout sessions will be held from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Workouts are 45 minutes long with Tai Chi at 7 a.m., Yoga at 8 a.m., Pilates at 9 a.m. and Zumba®, a Latin-inspired calorie-burning dance fitness party, beginning at 10 a.m.

  • Made in Chicago Jazz Series

  • Jazz concerts will start July 25 in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Held every Thursday at 6:30 PM, this tradition brings alive the connection Chicago has to Jazz. Events will conclude on August 29, which is also the start of Jazz Fest in Chicago. So wet your whistle and sing along with the tunes, because the events are free and fun to enjoy.
    For more information on Jazz Fest click here.

  • LurieGarden650

  • Tours of the Lurie Garden

  • Got a little bit of a green thumb? Check out Millennium Park’s Lurie Garden. Free guided walks will be offered every Friday and Sunday through Sept. 22 .

  • Enjoy the outdoors in Chicago this summer!

    Another Way to Keep Music Clean

    With loud music, crazy events and great food, music festivals are exciting for most people, but large festivals leave behind a big mess to clean up.
    Thankfully Pitchfork Music Festival (Add link to them), which will take place in Chicago, has found a way to keep the enjoyment of music clean. Pitchfork takes responsibility of their impact on the community and world environment, and offers solutions to maintain sustainability.

  • Here are a few ways Pitchfork keeps music clean:

    • Trashed recycling

    • Other than offering more than 130 blue recycling bins on festival grounds, Pitchfork rewards fest-goers for turning in recyclable trash. According to Pitchforkmusicfestival.com, “using recyclable bottles, cans, and biodegradable cups as a form of currency, you’ll be able to purchase merchandise. The more you recycle, the bigger the prizes.”

    • Composting

    • There will be containers available to collect food scraps to be recycled.

      Sustainable Power

    • The power for the festival will be provided by biodiesel fuel, rather than normal diesel. Biodiesel is cleaner to use and doesn’t create more demand for oil.


    The music festival will be hosted in Chicago’s Union Park from July 19-21. Tickets are still available. Please check http://pitchforkmusicfestival.com/ for more details including the music line-up.

    Our Cures for Toasty Temps

    It’s been H-O-T this week in Chicago with a capital “H”! Short of jumping into the nearest pool, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite ways to beat the heat and cool down your jets:

    -Make a batch of healthy homemade popsicles! We shared a few simple yet delicious recipes here – think honeydew lime and green tea peach.

    -Keep a cucumber water mister handy in your desk or bag. Add cool water and a couple slices of cucumber to a miniature spray bottle. When you want to freshen up, lightly mist your face. Cucumber is naturally moisturizing and, as a bonus, smells delicious.

    Jazz up your glass of water with slices of fruit or fresh herbs. Let natures candy sweeten up otherwise tasteless water and kick it up a notch! You’ll end up drinking more water when it’s infused with flavor. Our favorites include lime, mint and orange.

    Photo Credit:  LaoWai Kevin
    Photo Credit: LaoWai Kevin

    We hope you enjoy these easy breezy suggestions to stay cool! Do you have any tried-and-true methods? Please share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

    The Taste of Chicago is Back for Another Round

    You can always find something delicious to eat in Chicago, but only once a year does it all come together in one spot. The Taste of Chicago, A.K.A. “The Taste,” will take place in Grant Park from July 10-14. As one of the largest food festivals in the world, the line-up includes 35 restaurants, plus pop-up booths of even more restaurants. This year, the Taste is trying a little something new by allowing food trucks to serve around the park at different times.


    Along with great food, the Taste of Chicago offers a wide array of music to enjoy. You can catch different bands playing on the two stages in Grant Park. Tickets for the Petrillo Music Shell Concert have fees, but the Bud Light Stage offers free entertainment during the fair.

    The Taste of Chicago will be open 11:00AM-9:00PM July 10-12, and 10:00AM-9:00PM July 13-14.

    To get more information on the Taste of Chicago, including restaurant line-up and musical performance, click here.