Sculptor Allen Christian Featured on PRX

Allen Christian, the sculptor responsible for Hotel Felix Chicago’s Loren the Doorman, Madeline and Scrappy statues and best known for his studio “House of Balls,” was featured in a recent story by Public Radio Exchange (PRX).

“I’ll take doll parts, hot water heaters, badminton birdies, piano parts, medical devices. You know, it’s my belief that anything has the potential to become something else, to be repurposed, and to make whatever we define as art, art.” – Allen Christian

According to the story for KFAI by Dixie Treichel, Christian creates sculptures made from found objects, and is also known for carving figures out of bowling balls (hence the nickname “House of Balls”). He has been a part of the Minneapolis warehouse district since 1987 and intends for visitors to interact with his creations. You can see more of his work on the House of Balls website, or take a look at the sculptures he created for Hotel Felix Chicago in our photo gallery here.

Hotel Felix Dog

We are proud to have Christian’s art outside our front door, and happy to share this story.

Take Time to Relax with the Pamper Me Package

Everyone hopes to relax on their vacation. Although when you are sitting in airports, striving to pack light, and worrying that you left the coffee pot on, do you ever get that chance? The Pamper Me package at Hotel Felix can insure that you get that “me time” you always want from vacation.

  • The Pamper Me package at Hotel Felix combines a night stay in one of our comfortable eco-chic rooms with a 60 minute massage from Asha Spa at Hotel Felix.

  • The one hour Asha Spa massage combines calming massage strokes, gentle rocking, and compressions. At times Asha masseuses may use heat packs to release tension. This technique soothes sore muscles from car trips and plane rides.

  • Take time for yourself on your next getaway, and book the Pamper Me package at Hotel Felix. To find more information on the Pamper Me package, click here. To read more on the Asha Spa at Hotel Felix click here.

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    Spring Gardening Inspiration

    Our Green Thumb Photo Contest invited photographers, gardeners, and lovers of spring to submit photos showing off their green thumbs or simply nature’s beauty. Here are just some of the entries.


    Use these images as inspiration as you set out in your garden this spring! Take a look at this article on for 14 simple gardening tips from master gardener Paul James.

    Did you know that you can use a bar of soap to seal the undersides of your nails and prevent dirt from collecting beneath them? James also suggests using the water from boiling vegetables to water your plants. Your garden will really respond to this nutrient-rich treat! Happy Spring. #GreenFelix

    Be Green Tweet Green Winner – @starburstt

    Congratulations to @starburstt for winning our Be Green Tweet Green Contest with the highest number of tweets! Her #EarthMonth tips were super creative. Here are some of the ideas she shared:

    -When making pasta, I keep the water for my plants. It’s filled with rich nutrients and better than plain water.
    -A foot of hair needs a lot of water. Cutting it short saves so much water from washing. Plus, I think it looks nice.
    -Opting out of paper statements is great habit. Getting e-bills and doing e-pays is so convenient, too.
    -Lunchtime! I like keeping silver utensils at work to avoid using plastic disposables ones at work.
    -I drink way too many cups of coffee a day. At least I use biodegradable pods instead of plastic k-cups.
    -Can’t believe how cold it still is! Instead of turning up the heat again & wasting gas, I’m putting on extra layers.

    @starburstt even sent us a couple of pictures to complement her #GreenFelix tweets.

    Spruce, flowers & peppers to plant for #EarthMonth.
    Spruce, flowers & peppers to plant for #EarthMonth.
    @starburstt's reusable mugs & cups!
    @starburstt’s reusable mugs & cups!

    As the Be Green Tweet Green Contest winner, @starburstt has won a free night’s stay at Hotel Felix. Congrats!

    Green Thumb Photo Contest Winner: Barbara Bowen

    Congratulations to the winner of our Green Thumb Photo Contest, Barbara Bowen! She submitted a gorgeous photo of a Bird of Paradise flower and received the most likes of all our entries on Facebook.


    According to Wikipedia, “Bird of Paradise” is the common name for the species Strelitzia. The flower is native to South Africa and is even featured on the country’s 50-cent coin. We are thrilled that she shared this beauty with us during Earth Month! As the winner of the Green Thumb Photo Contest, Barbara will receive flowers from Amlings Interior Landscape and a complimentary night’s stay at Hotel Felix Chicago.

    Thank you again for entering, Barbara. Congrats!

    Review from Suitcase and Heels – A Travel Blogger

    We love hearing from guests! Recently we had one guest in particular who wrote about her recent stay at Hotel Felix on her travel blog Suitcase and Heels. Below is only a little piece of her review:

  • suitcase and heels
    “While I was in Chicago attending the first ever Women in Travel Summit (WITS) I had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Felix and, after looking at their website, I had high hopes. The property looked stylish and chic without being fussy. The beds looked fluffy and comfortable. Best of all the hotel is environmentally conscious. In fact, they’re the first green hotel in Chicago to have a Silver LEED Certification. The incorporate some standard green practices like having a linen reuse program but they go above standard be doing things like ensuring that all lighting is energy efficient and having carpet made from recycled materials in the rooms. The recycled metal artwork out front might’ve been my favourite eco touch.”

  • Hotel-Felix-Chicago-7
    To see her whole review and awesome pictures check out her blog Suitcase and Heels. We were so happy to have Melissa, the writer of Suitcase and Heels, and that she enjoyed her stay.

    Gorgeous Green Thumbs

    We want to give our Green Thumb Photo Contest entrants a special thank you for entering during #EarthMonth! We received some gorgeous photos from very talented gardeners and photographers during #EarthMonth. Here are some randomly selected entries:

    Our Be Green Tweet Green contest was also a big success. Here are some of the #EarthMonth tips we received:

    *When making pasta, keep the water for plants. It’s filled with rich nutrients and better than plain water.
    *Replace paper napkins with cloth ones.
    *For a goodnight sleep, open windows at night for fresh air.
    *Change out light bulbs to the new CFL bulbs.
    *Opt out of paper statements is great habit. Getting e-bills is convenient, too.
    *Bring lunch to work in a reusable lunch bag.

    Winners for both contests will be announced later this month. Keep an eye out for these beautiful images being used for Hotel Felix in different ways!