Visit Chicago This Year and You May End Up on TV

It is exciting that Chicago has such a vibrant entertainment community with a number of TV shows, movies and radio shows being filmed here every day.

Shows like “Empire” and “Chicago Fire” have inspired the spin-off series “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Med,” and the most recently announced “Chicago Justice.” These popular television shows have inspired TV show developers to launch even more shows here in Chicago.

New sows titled “The Exorcist” and “A.P.B.” have shot their pilot episodes in the city. A representative from “A.P.B” recently told the Chicago Tribune that they will base the series in Chicago.

Netflix’ original series “Sense8” will also be filming episodes in Chicago in June. To see more television shows that will be filming in Chicago, visit this TimeOut Chicago article.

Do you think you have the acting chops to appear as an extra on any of these shows? Visit Chicago this year and maybe you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame.

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In Full Swing – the Cubbies

With Chicago being one of the only cities in the United States to have two major league baseball teams, as well as a popular professional basketball and hockey team, it’s easy to see that we have some major sports fans with great spirit. We love rooting for our hometown teams! With that being said, it’s never a rare thing to see a Cubs fan on the street, at the table next to you in a restaurant, or on public transportation.

The Chicago Cubs have been keeping an excellent record this year, and reports are already showing them as a potential team in this year’s World Series.

Their current 24-6 record is the best in the league, with the Chicago White Sox trailing closely behind at 23-10. Baseball season is here to stay, and we can’t wait to see how the Chicago Cubs are going to do in the future.

Their next game is tomorrow at 1:20pm at Wrigley Field. They will be taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Our team will be rooting for the Cubs this year and even “Loran the Doorman,” one of our sustainable sculptures, shows off his Cubs spirit as he welcomes our guests to the hotel.

Loran in Cubs

Go Cubs Go!

National Bike Month

What’s better than celebrating National Bike Month this May than making it a priority to utilize DIVVY Bikes in Chicago?

May brings warmer weather to Chicago, which means taking a bike to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee is easy and comfortable to do. Biking is also a fun way to explore the city when visiting.

DIVVY has more than 4,7-0 bikes and 475 stations throughout the city of Chicago. Their bikes can be rented and returned to any station across the city and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plus, convenient for our guests – there is a DIVVY station approximately 0.2 miles away from our hotel at Wells & Erie Street.

Divvy ML photo Wells HuronLocation
Divvy ML photo

What are you waiting for? For more information, visit DIVVY’s website.

Managers Outing

Our team wrapped up Earth Month with a Managers Outing.

To wrap up Earth Month, we celebrated with a Managers Outing this year. We had a delicious lunch at Blackfinn AmeriPub on Kinzie and Clark in Chicago.

Following are some photos from our celebrations. Thank you team for all your hard work! #HappyNaturally.

George Jordan (r) is our Area General Manager and the SVP of Operations at Oxford Hotels and Resorts
George Jordan (r) is our Area General Manager and the SVP of Operations at Oxford Hotels and Resorts
Managers Outing
Managers Outing
Managers Outing
Managers Outing
Thank you Blackfinn for hosting us!
Thank you Blackfinn for hosting us!