Another Way to Keep Music Clean

With loud music, crazy events and great food, music festivals are exciting for most people, but large festivals leave behind a big mess to clean up.
Thankfully Pitchfork Music Festival (Add link to them), which will take place in Chicago, has found a way to keep the enjoyment of music clean. Pitchfork takes responsibility of their impact on the community and world environment, and offers solutions to maintain sustainability.

  • Here are a few ways Pitchfork keeps music clean:

    • Trashed recycling

    • Other than offering more than 130 blue recycling bins on festival grounds, Pitchfork rewards fest-goers for turning in recyclable trash. According to, “using recyclable bottles, cans, and biodegradable cups as a form of currency, you’ll be able to purchase merchandise. The more you recycle, the bigger the prizes.”

    • Composting

    • There will be containers available to collect food scraps to be recycled.

      Sustainable Power

    • The power for the festival will be provided by biodiesel fuel, rather than normal diesel. Biodiesel is cleaner to use and doesn’t create more demand for oil.


    The music festival will be hosted in Chicago’s Union Park from July 19-21. Tickets are still available. Please check for more details including the music line-up.