Chicago Smart Lighting Project

Chicago Smart Lighting Project

Chicago is famous for having an orange glow on the streets, visible from airplanes and skyscrapers alike. However, this famous glow isn’t the best for the environment, and the city of Chicago is planning on making some major changes.

Just yesterday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office announced the official launch of the Chicago Smart Lighting Project. The project will swap out nearly 85 percent of the city’s “high-pressure sodium lamps” for LED lights and will be completed by 2020.

These changes will be great for the city and our pollution: a study in 2011 conducted by the University of Colorado told us that Chicago has the most light pollution of any city in the world.

To read more information, check out Time Out Chicago’s article.

Chicago skyline aerial view at dusk

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What a great change to be announced during #EarthMonth! We’re excited to see these changes improve the environmental quality in Chicago.