Congrats Allen!

We’re so proud to share that Allen Christian, the artist responsible for our beloved sustainable sculpture family, has been recognized by City Paper for his striking sculptures in the new exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

"Not Plain Jane", Allen Christian
“Not Plain Jane”, Allen Christian

The exhibit, titled Human Soul and Machine: The Coming Singularity is “mind-tickling and eye-tickling” and “filled with objects that are so attractive on first glance and so intriguing on subsequent inspection that no back story is needed.” One of Christian’s sculptures, “Piano Family: Amoroso”, serves as the poster child for the new exhibit and is, as City Paper calls it, “…both beautiful and unnerving,”. Human Soul and Machine: The Coming Singularity is running at the AVAM through August 31, 2014. To read the complete article please visit this link.