Earth Day Celebrated

When we decided to celebrate Earth Day & partner with GoGreen Management, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Opening an eco-friendly hotel has been exciting to say the least. And while Earth Day has been around since 1970, would others celebrating the day with us at LePassage be just as enthralled with the Hotel Felix? I’m happy (naturally) to report they were indeed.

The biggest question of the night; how can a hotel say they are eco-friendly? Sure, they said, you recycle in the office & you don’t change linens unless asked….but doesn’t everyone do that? The answer…..yes, we do all that but so much more. We encourage staff to live a healthy life by walking, biking to work (we have an indoor bike rack & showers for the staff) or taking public transportation. We don’t use bleach at the property & all of our cleaning chemicals are Green Seal Certified. Our rooms have motion-sensored thermostats so that fossil fuels are not burning to heat/cool the room when no one is there. While many places just recycle in offices, we have an in-room recycling program and ask our guests to sort their trash as well. After cleaning, all “trash” is placed in our recycling room until pick-up. So we aren’t just made from sustainable, recycled materials, we walk an eco-friendly lifestyle by making every day Earth Day.


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