Green Resolutions for the New Year

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint or living a green(er) lifestyle? Here are some resolutions to help you in the New Year:

  1. Avoid waste and recycle, recycle, recycle.  According to The Daily Green, the energy saved from recycling a single aluminum can will operate a television for three hours (and it is super easy)!
  2. Give up plastic bags. While shopping, use reusable bags — cotton and nylon are a great alternatives.
  3. Shop local. There are many benefits from eating and shopping locally. The food is fresher and will keep longer than chain grocery stores’ food, it contains fewer chemicals used to prolong the life, and of course, you would be helping your local economy.
  4. No more bottled water! The price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water (click here for some astounding facts about bottled water). You can buy a tap water filter ranging from $10- $40 and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run.
  5. Start a compost pile. It improves soil quality physically, chemically and biologically. It also reduces the estimated 1.3 pounds of food scraps that Americans throw away daily!
  6. Surrender the paper towels. Try microfiber towels, they pick up dirt, grim, and are reusable. You will save yourself money and reduce waste, a win-win.

For more ideas on how to be eco-friendly this upcoming year, check out The Daily Green.