Greetings from the “city gal”

Getting used to city living takes time. Here’s some advise from a “city gal.”

Number one, road rage can be reduced. Not only can you make a positive impact to the environment by ditching your car but you save on gas, insurance & have less stress. Imagine the ways to expand you mind with the books read or the podcasts listened to on CTA.

Number two, if the bus is crowded & there is an empty seat, check to make sure it isn’t wet before you sit down. I don’t know why it’s wet & I don’t want to….I just know I want to keep my own seat dry.

Number three, bring a change of shoes. You women know what I’m talking about. No matter how comfortable those shoes feel first thing in the morning, your feet will hurt when you are walking home at 9pm because you cannot get a cab.

Number four AND most important, do not let people stay with you. Now I know this sounds cruel. I promise you are doing everyone a favor. Over the years, my parents, relatives & friends have come to visit me in various cities. Even though I worked in the hotel business, for years I would give up my bed & sleep on the couch. I realized, not only were we tripping over one another but also by the end of the visit we were getting on one another’s nerves. Counterproductive I think. One year, I finally decided to tell my parents I was going to put them up in a hotel; it was great. They had space to move & unpack. They didn’t feel bad for putting me on the couch. We didn’t have to worry if the other person(s) were awake in the AM. And, we all got time to unwind alone at the end of the day.

So learn from this now proclaimed city gal & get a room! They’ll love the Hotel Felix for its comfort, friendly staff, four-star service. Even better, they’ll love you for putting them here. Comfortable beds, complimentary AM coffee, spa services……Isn’t it great when we are all Happy. Naturally.?