Happy what?

Happy. Naturally.

Sure it’s a fun catch phrase. Here at the Hotel Felix though it’s more than that….we really are happy naturally. Don’t believe me? Walk by & talk to our doormen. Benjamin, Julian, Tim, Dave & Chuck are contagious. If they can’t brighten your day, get checked in by Errol or Dan then get to your room and run into Maria cleaning next door to you. This staff will override any lost luggage, bad traffic or awful meeting. Think I’m biased? Check out these remarks from our comment cards:

“The entire hotel staff is extremely friendly.”

“Your service was excellent. Best of any hotel I’ve stayed at in Chicago.”

“Chuck, Dave & Julian made me feel like I was in my own home.”

“I’ve stayed all over the US & this is the best I’ve ever had. The three doorman were exceptional workers & gentlemen.”

“Yuan was so sweet & she did a great job cleaning our room. Can we take her home?”

“Maria is a jewel. I loved her!”

“Errol went out of his way to make my staff more comfortable. Thanks!”

“Robin, Claudia, Konrad…thanks for the birthday card. You made my day!”

With comments like these, why stay anywhere else? Our staff will make your next trip to Chicago the best ever. Just when you thought customer service was a luxury gone with videos on MTV, along comes the Hotel Felix to make you Happy. Naturally. too.