Influential Green Websites

Check out these great websites to change your lifestyle. They offer fantastic advice and introduce new, green products that will make your life easier (and help save the planet too!).

  • Mother Nature Network: This website is dedicated to “Improve Your World.” MNN offers an array of news and information available. The website is designed for everyday people who are dedicated to making the world a better place. They offer up-to-date news about green products and green living.
  • Tree Hugger: Stay Connected with Tree Hugger. The team consists of sustainable enthusiasts and offers up the best ways to stay green.
  • Grist: For the best environmental news tune into Grist. Founded in 1999 Grist has been dishing out the best news and products for us to enjoy
  • World Changing: This website is committed to changing your thinking about the environment. World Changing is  a nonprofit media organization dedicated to solutions-based journalism about the planetary future.
  • Inhabitat: Their philosophy is green design is good design and good design is green design. The website covers green design, architecture, energy and technology. In addition to running the blog, Inhabitat also organizes the annual Greener Gadgets conference.

These websites are dedicated to helping the everyday person live a greener life. With a little help, we can all become a greener society.

What’s your favorite green site?

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