Looking Back Today: The Snow Storm of 2011

Snow-mageddon, Snow-pocalypse, Snotorious B.I.G or Sno.m.g. Whichever name you prefer, on this historic day last year Chicago was hit was one of the largest storms to date. The storm left a blanket of snow over the city leaving many people stranded. Although not record breaking, the storm left 20.2 inches of snow in its path.

The storm settled in as the third worst snow fall behind 1999, which came in second with 21.6 inches, and 1967, which had an astounding 23 inches covering the city. Hotel Felix offered an oasis from the “Thunder Snow” with a discounted price for those with no place to go. Take a trip down memory lane with this photo gallery of Snow-pocalypse from the Chicago Tribune. What are your memories or experiences from the blizzard of 2011?