National Bike Month

While some days it feels like we skipped spring here in Chicago, one thing is for certain, we can put our snow shovels and boots away – we’ve made it through another blustery Chicago winter. As the temperatures warm up and Chicagoans gradually thaw out, the city welcomes an alternative mode of transportation: the bicycle! It’s quite fitting that May is recognized as National Bike Month because, while many brave commuters bike year-round, this is about the time when there seems to be a new wave of cyclists on the road. In honor of National Bike Month, we’d like to share a few bicycle safety tips to help everyone share the road effectively:

-Ride in the same direction as automobile traffic
-Obey all traffic signs and signals
-Use hand signals
-Follow lane markings, they are for bikes too!
-Don’t weave between parked cars
-Keep both hands ready to break

Photo Credit: Martin Gommel
Photo Credit: Martin Gommel

For more helpful tips on bicycle safety, check out this bicycle etiquette guide from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.