• Hey Chicago, It’s easy being green

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    At Hotel Felix, we’re incredibly proud to call Chicago our home. And as Chicago’s first Silver LEED certified hotel, we love being based in a city where green efforts are embraced by fellow businesses. Chicago is no stranger to the green movement that has gained momentum in the past few years, and as a result any visitor has a plethora of businesses to choose from that produce their goods and services with the earth in mind. Below is a listing of a few green places that here at Hotel Felix we would recommend to our guests to discover while in Chicago.

    1. The Greenheart Shop, 1714 N. Wells Street
    Since 2007 the Greenheart Shop has devoted itself to fair trade practices while selling eco-friendly products to the people of Chicago. Their home decor, clothing, jewelery, and bath & body products are all beautifully handcrafted, and make perfect gifts for yourself or loved ones back home.

    2. Karyn’s on Green, 130 S. Green Street
    Founded by Karyn Calabrese over 20 years ago, Karyn’s on Green has established itself as a delicious force to be reckoned with on the Chicago culinary scene. With a menu that focuses on an earth-friendly, vegan approach you’ll feel earth friendly as well as stuffed by the time your meal is over.

    3. Chicago Gateway Green, 541 N. Fairbanks Court
    In a city that is often referred to as the ‘urban jungle’ Chicago Gateway Green is the reason Chicagoans breathe a little easier every day thanks to their concentrated efforts to beautify the city through their plantings and artwork. As you explore Chicago, you’ll see many of Gateway Green’s efforts such as the sculpture at O’Hare airport titled ‘The Runners’ by Theodoros Papagiannis or the many plantings that dot Chicago’s expressways.

    4. Blackbird, 619 W. Randolph Street
    Certified green by the Green Restaurant Association, Blackbird runs their restaurant with the ideals of water efficiency, waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable food among others in mind. A Michelin star restaurant, Blackbird is a luxury green dining experience that is certainly not to be missed.

    Whether your in the mood for green shopping, food, or admiring public art Chicago has all you need and more. Because regardless of what Kermit said, it is easy being green.


  • Spotlight on our Team Member

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    We’d like to place a special spotlight as appreciation of one of our hardworking team members, Claudia Marchan. She’s been extra helpful in the past month and even took on additional tasks while one of our team members was on a much-deserved family vacation.

    Claudia had a great, positive attitude and we asked her three questions for the spotlight. Thank you again Claudia for your hard work and help.

    1. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time and why?
    Claudia: I like to relax and enjoy some TV time with a good glass of wine.

    2. Where’s the last place you traveled or vacationed or where’s the one place that you dream of visiting?
    I was on a Carnival Cruise that took me to Florida and Cancun. One place I dream of visiting would be Jamaica. I have visited there before but it is so beautiful I would love to go again in the near future.

    3. What green practice do you do every day, either at work or home?
    I love to recycle both at work and home. I love the fact that I work for Hotel Felix, which has implemented this green practice into my daily routine. I started recycling at work and now make sure that I make good use of my recycling bin at home.

    Thank you again Claudia for all your hard work. To learn more about Hotel Felix’ green efforts, please visit here.

    Claudia Marchan sits in the lobby of Hotel Felix Chicago.

    Claudia Marchan sits in the lobby of Hotel Felix Chicago.

  • Chicago’s Comedy Scene

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    Chicago’s comedy scene is famous. It’s known as the “Second City” and so many great comedians started their career here If you are in the city and looking for a fun night out with a few laughs there are plenty of comedy acts, stand up and improve shows to choose from.

  • The Classic:
    The Second City is a historic comedy club in Chicago, with stars like Tina Fay and Horatio Sanz performing there. Although there are now Second City performances all of the world, The Second City theater in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago is where it all started.

  • The Second City, Chicago, IL  Picture by: SecondCity.com

    The Second City, Chicago, IL
    Picture by: SecondCity.com

    Take a twist on tradition and check out their Dinner & a Show packages. Taste the best of what Old Town restaurants have to offer while enjoying a show.
  • The Upset:
    The Annoyance Theatre & Bar in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago uses improvisation to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedy and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere. They are known for hosting the longest running musical in the history of Chicago, as well as their uncensored comedy.

  • The Annoyance has many different types of shows throughout the year, from musicals to improve, check out their schedule for more information.

  • The New Kids on the Block:
    New to the Chicago comedy scene Stage 773 on Belmont Ave. opened its doors in 2010. Stage 773 is a multi-complex theater that is welcoming, nurturing and collaborative. Stage 773 hosts many different types of theatrical productions, including dramas, musicals, and more.

  • One of their most anticipated weekly events is the THORSday Night Showcase. THORSday Night Showcase a comedy variety show featuring sketch, improv, and stand up from Chicago’s hottest comedians. Get more information about Stage 773 shows here.

    There are many different types of entertainment in Chicago, but Chicago is famous for comedy. Not sure about these comedy clubs? Time Out Chicago offers more options on comedy events and entertainment in Chicago.

  • Touchdown! Game Day Specials at Troquet

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    Football season has finally returned to Chicago, and here at Hotel Felix we couldn’t be more excited.

    Plus, the restaurant adjacent to our lobby, Troquet River North has new Game Day Specials Troquet River North each time our Chicago Bears take to the gridiron. During the Bears games (including pre-season) Troquet River North will be offering $3 Miller Lite bottles all day. And because we know how much we love our rivalries in Chicago, here’s a listing of noteworthy games this season. All of which will be broadcast live at Troquet River North:

    ~9/14, Bears vs. 49ers, 7:30pm
    ~9/28, Bears vs. Packers, 12pm
    ~10/26, Bears vs. Patriots, 12pm
    ~11/9, Bears vs. Packers, 7:30pm
    ~11/16, Bears vs. Vikings, 12pm
    ~11/27, Bears vs. Lions, 11:30am

    BbyLm TRN Bears 2014 PRINT 2

    Conveniently located directly adjacent to our lobby here at Hotel Felix, Troquet River North is the place to be for all our guest’s dining needs. And just in case you start to get hungry after a couple $3 Miller Lite’s, Troquet River North offers a variety of dishes that are each inspired by a different region in France.

    Come break out that navy, orange, and white, put on your game face and join the rest of your fellow Chicagoans while we cheer on the Bears. Here at Hotel Felix , we’re sure it’ll be their best season yet. Go Bears!

  • The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago

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    Have a “go get ‘em” green attitude? Well no worries, your green kick doesn’t have to stop for vacation or business. One of Chicago’s leading eco-friendly museums is a great place to escape the concrete jungle.

  • The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum was opened in 1999 by the Chicago Acadmey of Sciences, a nature aficionados and amateur scientists founded in 1857. As they say on their website,

    “As the 20th Century came to a close, it was easy for people in Chicago and the surrounding areas to lose their connection to nature. Consider that people spent more time walking on paved surfaces, eating processed foods and living sedentary indoor lives than any other time in human history. Not to mention the exploding urban growth of the city which ground away the natural landscape and local flora and fauna. People were starving for an authentic connection to the natural world. A place in our urban area where they could experience the sights, sounds and smells of nature.”

    The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum offers city dwellers great insight into the environment around Chicago and the world. There are many exhibits to see at the museum, but here are a few that teach the values of eco-friendly living.

  • Extreme Green House

  • This exhibit allows you to see the nature inside average homes, and how houses can be made a little more eco-friendly through your daily life.

  • The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

  • The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven is the museum’s internationally renowned signature 2,700 square foot greenhouse. Home to more than 1,000 butterflies (75 species), the haven is the perfect tropical retreat. This is truly an oasis in the city. Butterflies of all different shapes, color and sizes flutter around as you walk through the greenhouse.

  • On Saturdays during August, take part in the Butterfly Haven Yoga for a rejuvenating yoga class in The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven. Or on Thursdays, learn the basics of Tai Chi. No matter your age or level of fitness, the slow, simple movements of this ancient art can bring you to a new level of strength, energy and wellness. Also, every day at 2pm watch as new butterfly’s get released into the green house.

  • To participate, or to get more information click here.

  • Picture from: www.naturemuseum.org

    Picture from: www.naturemuseum.org

  • The Heritage of the Chicago Academy of Sciences

  • View a collection that has been a part of Chicago’s history since the mid 1800s. Celebrate and be inspired by a snapshot of the Academy’s more than 150 year legacy of scientific research of Chicago and the region. A mount of a porcupine, a Blanding’s turtle skeleton and mammal skins are just a few of the samples on display.

  • Although it may seem hard, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city is just up the street. Try the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and learn how to add a little green to your visit to the city.

  • Happy Times

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    Happy times! Safe to say our team loves to travel and we just had to share this happy photo from our recent adventures. George Jordan, our Area General Manager of Hotel Felix, Hotel Cass and The Godfrey Hotel, loves the thrill of roller coasters. George recently traveled to Cedar Point to experience more than a dozen rides in one day.

    Here’s a photo of George enjoying the ride – pure happiness!

    George Jordan heads to Cedar Point for a little adventure on more than a dozen roller coasters.

    George Jordan heads to Cedar Point for a little adventure on more than a dozen roller coasters.

    Thanks for sharing your photo, George!

  • Troquet River North Special for the Chicago Air and Water Show

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    For 55 years, the Chicago Air and Water Show has dazzled spectators with daredevil stunts and tricky maneuvers. The city skyline and waterfront comes alive this weekend to bring Chicagoans and visitors the largest free air and water exhibition. The Chicago Air and Water Show is featuring Air maneuvers from the U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights and U.S. Navy Parachute Team Leap Frogs. The line-up also includes a demonstration from the U.S. Coast Guard. Some of the usual crowd favorites will be coming back, those teams include the famous U.S. Navy Blue Angles and the Firebirds Delta Team.

  • Watch the Chicago Air & Water Show 2014 Promo from the cityofchicagotv YouTube channel:

    The center of the Air and Water Show is located at North Avenue Beach, but is viewable from other Chicago beachfronts as well. Including Fullerton Street beach and Navy Pier.

  • Not one for the beach? Play-by-play coverage of the show will air on WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9FM on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am until 3 pm WBBM Newsradio will also provide live stream video on their website.

  • Troquet River North, French restraint located in Hotel Felix, will be having a special to celebrate all the action in Chicago this weekend. Troquet River North is hosting a Burger & Beer special for the Air & Water Show. Guests receive a Kronenbourg and a burger for $15. So stop by Troquet River North and watch a Chicago tradition while enjoying a Kronenbourg and a burger for only $15.

  • For more information about the Chicago Air and Water Show, click here.

  • For more information on the Troquet River North specials, call (312) 202-9900.

  • Hotel Felix is on Gogobot’s “Best Design” List

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    We’re thankful and proud to be on Gogobot’s “Best Design” list for hotels, as voted on by their community. It’s a great pleasure to be one of the traveler’s favorites – thank you for including us.

  • Their review and reasoning stated:
    “From the retro-looking Hotel Felix sign on the side of the hotel’s gorgeous red brick exterior to the chic, contemporary globe lights hanging from its interior…”

  • gogobots

  • One of the reasons we’re Silver LEED certified is that our building was restored and we incorporated sustainable efforts into much of our interior design as well. We try to show our dedication to sustainability through every aspect of the hotel, including Natural southern exposure, which aids in heating building in winter months and carpet made of recycled material. In our rooms, we have a full recycling program, linen reuse program, and enhanced energy management systems in place to stay eco-friendly.

  • A king guest room at Hotel Felix Chicago.

    A king guest room at Hotel Felix Chicago.

  • Much of our design are inspired by natural elements water, earth, air and fire. You can see in our lobby the magnificent fireplace that gives guests to a cozy place to site during the Chicago winter. Above that, are the globe lights, as Gogobot mentioned. The globe lights are there to represent air, as they dangle above guests coming through Hotel Felix. Our lobby is outfitted with welcoming earth tones that are also used throughout the rest of the hotel. The earth element is also tied into our design with our wall of wood. Located next to the fireplace this design feature brings in a natural element not usually seen in the concrete jungle of Chicago.

  • Hotel Felix Lobby

  • We are thankful that Gogobot included us on their list of “Best Design” list for hotels. Sometimes it’s not easy being green, but we are satisfied knowing that we can make guests Happy. Naturally.

  • To see more on the list of “Best Design” hotels, please visit this link:

  • What is Green Travel?

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    Green Travel can be a broad term that generalizes many different things about traveling. When “green this” and “eco-friendly that” become a part of normal mission statements, and selling points- what really counts as green travel?

  • The ResponsibleTravelReport.com states that Green Travel is, “an overarching term used to describe responsible travel practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability.” Meaning Green Travel goes beyond just reusing your towels. Green Travel is an opportunity for travelers to travel and visit different places without disrupting or compromising the integrity of the environment you travel to.

  • ResponsibleTravelReport.com goes on to give six best practices to exercise to travel green.

  • amlingsinterior.com


    These are:

    1. Modes of transportation.
    2. When you are traveling to a large city like Chicago, taking public transportation is easy. Although in other situations it may not be, but a large part of Green Travel is using a mode of transportation that leaves a smaller Carbon Footprint.

    3. Offsets and environmental policy.
    4. This means if your mode of transportation will leave a larger carbon footprint, offset the impact that has on the environment by staying at a hotel like ours where eco-friendly practices are the norm, and will help offset the impact to the environment.

    5. Dollars spent locally.
    6. This may seem difficult in the middle of the city, but there are more local options than you might think. We’re often recommending that our guests check out the neighboring farmer’s markets, local shops and more. Plus, just making a reservation at Hotel Feilx is a great step since we’re a boutique hotel as well.

    7. Environmental conservation.
    8. At Hotel Felix we strive to bring you the best stay without a large carbon foot print that goes with it.

    9. Respect for local culture.
    10. There are many diverse neighborhoods in Chicago, and we are involved in our community – the River North area of Chicago.

    11. Natural resource use.
    12. Hotel Felix strives to bring guest local resources and amenities, including the use of free trade coffees and chocolates.

  • So the next time you hear about green travel or eco-tourism, these insights from ResponsibleTravelReport.com and how Hotel Felix respects green travel best practices.

  • For more information on green travel, click here.

  • To see the whole article by ResponsibleTravelReport.com, click here.

  • To learn more about Hotel Felix’s ongoing green efforts, click here.

  • Where Should We Eat?

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    It’s no secret that Chicago has a thriving restaurant scene, which is why it’s all the more difficult to pick a spot when that inevitable question comes up: Where should we eat? Here at Hotel Felix, the place on everyone’s lips is always without question our neighboring restaurant Troquet River North. Directly adjacent to our lobby here at Hotel Felix, and with every dish inspired by a different region within France and a fully stocked wine bar, there is something here to satisfy anyone you may be dining with.

    Troquet River North offers a variety of specials and events throughout the week to ensure that their patrons always have something to look forward to. A few personal favorites of Hotel Felix are as follows:

    ~Saturday and Sunday: Troquet offers brunch with a great deal-$25 for 1 1/2 hours of bottomless mimosas and one brunch entree. Choices include L’American (two eggs, choice of meat, and potatoes) or Le Parisien (croissant with Nutella and fresh fruit).
    ~Monday: $6 house infused cocktails
    ~Tuesday: 1/2 all draft wines (please note this is not all wine, just those on tap)
    ~Wednesday: $12 Classic Croque and a Kronenbourg 1664. At 6pm Troquet welcomes Chicago composer/pianist/singer Bob Solone. Mr. Solone has been performing in Chicago and around the world for over 30 years, making his performance not one to be missed.
    ~Thursday: $15 (per person) all you can eat mussels


    So the next time you’re faced with that inevitable question: “Where should we eat?,” your natural choice will hopefully be Troquet River North. Do your taste buds a favor and stop on by.