• Green Resolutions for the New Year

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    Most New Years resolutions tend to be personal and vary between individuals. The most popular often range from getting into shape, less time using technology, etc. But what would happen to the Earth if we all agreed to integrate eco-friendly resolutions into our daily routines? One thing is for sure: we would be one step closer to saving our environment.

    Kevin Pink, writer for the Center of EcoTechnology, has a few green resolutions to try for the new year. We thought these were great ideas for green resolutions to incorporate into our daily routines. You can see the full article here here. A few tips from the article:

    1. Save energy. Determine your energy use, then figure out how you can reduce it by a significant amount.

    2. Choose green energy.

    3. Commit to reuse. Bring your own bags when you go shopping. Stop drinking bottled water and carry a high-quality reusable water bottle. Make your coffee at home and use a thermos or reusable mugs. These little steps can save you a lot of money and are great ways to reduce waste at the same time.

    4. Don’t trash it, donate it! Thinking about renovating in 2016? Carefully deconstruct and donate your kitchen cabinets. If you have some extra tiles, molding, or even screws, donate them to EcoBuilding Bargains or other eco-friendly organizations instead of throwing them out. If you’re cleaning out your closet, remember to keep your local Goodwill Industries in mind.

    5. Travel smarter. If you can, bike or walk to work, and watch the holiday pounds melt away! If you can’t do that, talk to some coworkers about carpooling. You’ll reduce wear and tear on your vehicles, save gas, and reduce carbon emissions, all of which will save you money!”

    To read the rest of the article, click here.

    We hope you decide to integrate a few of these resolutions into your life. Let us know if you do!

    Happy New Year – we wish you a happy, healthy and green 2016!

  • SECRET FALL SALE – Book Now!

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    Shhhh! Book our SECRET FALL SALE between now until November 30, 2015 and stay through December 31, 2015 and receive 20 percent off our Best Available Rate. Spread the news! After all, some secrets are meant to be shared.

    We invite you to experience our upscale boutique hotel that blends a comfortable elegance with inspiring natural elements, within walking distance to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district, world-class dining and historic landmarks.

    As Chicago’s first Silver-LEED certified hotel, indulge in an enriching setting that is environmentally friendly. Organic materials. Renewable resources. Low flow toilets. And most importantly, reduced carbon footprint. The sale will go quickly so don’t delay – and remember, some secrets are meant to be shared, especially with your loved ones during the holidays.


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  • Enter to Win a Free 2-Night Stay at Hotel Felix

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    With only 107 sleeps until Christmas, Hotel Felix is excited to deck the halls early this year! In anticipation of the biggest holiday of the year, we are holding a photo contest to get in the holiday spirit.

    Throughout the month of September, contest participants can submit their favorite winter–themed or holiday photos tagged with the hashtag #TisFelix on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a free two-night stay at Hotel Felix.

    If you really want to get into the spirit, post your favorite photos from Chicago’s best winter attractions, such as Cloud Gate (The Bean) or the Festival of Lights on Michigan Avenue.

    ThinkstockPhotos-478148320 pd082815

    It’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit! We can’t wait to see all of your creative entries.

    ThinkstockPhotos-113572946 (1)

    Click here for Official Rules.

    Good luck!

  • Scrappy’s Tips for Earth Month

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    On April 1, Hotel Felix will celebrate Earth Month 2015. As part of our Earth Month celebrations, Scrappy, one of the larger-than-life sustainable sculptures at Hotel Felix, will offer his eco-friendly tips throughout Earth Month. Scrappy’s tips are known for being practical and humorous, but most importantly-always green. As Chicago’s first Silver LEED certified hotel, it is essential to us at Hotel Felix that our guests understand the importance of incorporating green practices into their daily lives. Below are a few examples of what you can expect from Scrappy during Earth Month this year:

    -Unplug chargers and devices when not in use.
    -Walk whenever possible, or take public transportation.
    -Invest in “green” light bulbs.
    -Reuse plastic grocery bags or recycle.

    To find Scrappy’s tips during Earth Month this year, follow Hotel Felix on Twitter at @HotelFelix and follow the hashtag #ScrappyTips starting April 1. What are some of your best practices for staying green?

    Hotel Felix Dog

  • Hotel Felix and Divvy team up to offer guests a new “Stay & Bike Package”

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    It is Chicago Bike Week and Hotel Felix is celebrating by kicking off the “Stay & Bike” package. This package is great for vacationers, staycationers, and urban explorers alike. When guests book the “Stay & Bike” package they will receive 15 percent off our best rate, plus a complementary 24 hour Divvy pass.

  • Divvy is Chicago’s Bike Share system. With thousands of bikes at 300 stations, Divvy allows travelers a way to get around the city with confidence. As Chicago’s first Silver LEED and eco-chic hotel, Hotel Felix continues to uncover fun and unique ways for guests and travelers to explore the city in a green and eco-friendly way.

  • Divvy

  • “Guests can grab a bike, pick a direction and go,” said George Jordan, Area General Manager of Hotel Felix Chicago and Senior Vice President of Oxford Hotels & Resorts. “With Divvy stations near and far, riders can choose their own adventures. The convenient Divvy system is as easy as riding a bike.”

  • Located in Chicago’s trendy River North neighborhood, Hotel Felix is in a central location to embark on a Divvy-centered adventure throughout Chicago. Guests can visit famous locations downtown, such as Millennium Park, then ride up to the famed Gold Coast to experience Chicago’s famous dining, then head to Wrigleyville to see a Cubs baseball game – all at their own pace.

  • “Chicago is a fantastic place to be in the summer,” added Elliot Greenberger, General Manager of Divvy. “With the ‘Stay & Bike Package’ at Hotel Felix, guests can leave their car with the valet and Divvy to music festivals, street fairs, farmer’s markets and more. Bike share allows travelers to experience Chicago in a fun and eco-friendly way.”

  • The new “Stay & Bike Package” available for dates July 1 through Sept. 1.

  • Photo from: peopleforbikes.org

    Photo from: peopleforbikes.org

  • To learn more about Hotel Felix Chicago or book the “Stay & Bike Package,” click here http://bit.ly/1jwrqov.

  • Spring Gardening Inspiration

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    Our Green Thumb Photo Contest invited photographers, gardeners, and lovers of spring to submit photos showing off their green thumbs or simply nature’s beauty. Here are just some of the entries.


    Use these images as inspiration as you set out in your garden this spring! Take a look at this article on HGTV.com for 14 simple gardening tips from master gardener Paul James.

    Did you know that you can use a bar of soap to seal the undersides of your nails and prevent dirt from collecting beneath them? James also suggests using the water from boiling vegetables to water your plants. Your garden will really respond to this nutrient-rich treat! Happy Spring. #GreenFelix

  • Be Green Tweet Green Winner – @starburstt

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    Congratulations to @starburstt for winning our Be Green Tweet Green Contest with the highest number of tweets! Her #EarthMonth tips were super creative. Here are some of the ideas she shared:

    -When making pasta, I keep the water for my plants. It’s filled with rich nutrients and better than plain water.
    -A foot of hair needs a lot of water. Cutting it short saves so much water from washing. Plus, I think it looks nice.
    -Opting out of paper statements is great habit. Getting e-bills and doing e-pays is so convenient, too.
    -Lunchtime! I like keeping silver utensils at work to avoid using plastic disposables ones at work.
    -I drink way too many cups of coffee a day. At least I use biodegradable pods instead of plastic k-cups.
    -Can’t believe how cold it still is! Instead of turning up the heat again & wasting gas, I’m putting on extra layers.

    @starburstt even sent us a couple of pictures to complement her #GreenFelix tweets.

    Spruce, flowers & peppers to plant for #EarthMonth.

    Spruce, flowers & peppers to plant for #EarthMonth.

    @starburstt's reusable mugs & cups!

    @starburstt’s reusable mugs & cups!

    As the Be Green Tweet Green Contest winner, @starburstt has won a free night’s stay at Hotel Felix. Congrats!

  • Green Thumb Photo Contest Winner: Barbara Bowen

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    Congratulations to the winner of our Green Thumb Photo Contest, Barbara Bowen! She submitted a gorgeous photo of a Bird of Paradise flower and received the most likes of all our entries on Facebook.


    According to Wikipedia, “Bird of Paradise” is the common name for the species Strelitzia. The flower is native to South Africa and is even featured on the country’s 50-cent coin. We are thrilled that she shared this beauty with us during Earth Month! As the winner of the Green Thumb Photo Contest, Barbara will receive flowers from Amlings Interior Landscape and a complimentary night’s stay at Hotel Felix Chicago.

    Thank you again for entering, Barbara. Congrats!

  • Gorgeous Green Thumbs

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    We want to give our Green Thumb Photo Contest entrants a special thank you for entering during #EarthMonth! We received some gorgeous photos from very talented gardeners and photographers during #EarthMonth. Here are some randomly selected entries:

    Our Be Green Tweet Green contest was also a big success. Here are some of the #EarthMonth tips we received:

    *When making pasta, keep the water for plants. It’s filled with rich nutrients and better than plain water.
    *Replace paper napkins with cloth ones.
    *For a goodnight sleep, open windows at night for fresh air.
    *Change out light bulbs to the new CFL bulbs.
    *Opt out of paper statements is great habit. Getting e-bills is convenient, too.
    *Bring lunch to work in a reusable lunch bag.

    Winners for both contests will be announced later this month. Keep an eye out for these beautiful images being used for Hotel Felix in different ways!

  • Be Green & Tweet Green!

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    Tweet @hotelfelix how you’re being green with the tag #GreenFelix to enter our Be Green Tweet Green contest this Earth Month! We want to hear if you’re recycling, biking to work, planting flowers in your garden – anything eco-friendly that makes you a friend to the planet.


    The contest ends Wednesday, April 30! The winner receives a free night’s stay at Hotel Felix. For contest rules, click here.