The Chicago Smart Lighting Project is Underway

Just a few months ago, the city of Chicago announced that seven different Chicago neighborhoods would introduce new streetlights installed over residential blocks, arterial streets, and alleys.

The Chicago Smart Lighting Project will upgrade streetlights with modern lighting technology – replacing nearly 270,000 sodium lamps with updated, state of the art energy efficient LED lights.

These new additions will ultimately get rid of Chicago’s orange glow that is famously seen during the night. Read more about it here.

“The installation of better, smarter and more-reliable street lighting is a win-win; it’s a win for energy efficiency and a win for quality of life in neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

Intersections in Rogers Park, Hollywood Park, and Humboldt Park are just a few places where new lights will be installed and feedback from community members is encouraged in order to see where else the lights will continue to installed and when.

If you want to submit feedback, you have until the end of 2016 by an online survey or by mailing comments to  CDOT Streetlight Demo, 30 N LaSalle Street, Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60602. To find more information about this project, check out this article from TimeOut Chicago.

Some fast facts about the new lighting, via

• LED stands for light emitting diodes.

• LED lights use less than half the energy of HPS lights.

• LED fixtures last up to three times longer than HPS lights.

• The new LED lighting provides a whiter light; different than the orange-hued HPS lights that have been in use since the 1970’s.

• LED lighting is clear, crisp light that improves nighttime visibility.

• The Smart Lighting LED fixtures, along with lighting management network, will allow the City to adjust light levels to meet specific lighting needs.

• Chicago’s new Smart Lighting is designed to direct light downward where it is needed, towards streets and sidewalks, while minimizing the light that shines into resident windows.

We’re thrilled to see our city implementing more environmentally friendly concepts!