Travel Smart This Spring

A new season brings a new set of travel plans. Here are a few tips to follow while traveling this spring and beyond.

When traveling it is always beneficial to pack underwear, an outfit and toiletries in a carry-on bag. By preparing for the worst (your luggage is lost) you will be able to have a fresh pair of clothing and toiletries at hand. Remember, most airlines only allow economy passengers $50 dollars to purchase essentials if their luggage is lost.

It is always a challenge to stay healthy while traveling. Close quarters on flights, lack of sleep, stress inducers; here are a few ways to avoid catching a cold or a virus.

  • Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Be sure to always thoroughly wash your hands! Always carry hand sanitizer if a washroom is not readily available and you have come in contact with public surfaces.
  • Be sure to get up and move. Long flights can take a toll on your body so be sure to do a few laps (walking of course) up and down the aisle to avoid muscle cramps and soreness. Also be sure to stretch out your muscles. Seated twist is great for stretching out your back.
  • Get Rest. To boost your immune system or recover your mood you must rest. Try packing your own travel pillow and blanket to avoid using the airlines. Noise canceling headphones are great for light sleepers.
  • Stay Hydrated! Drinking water will improve your health but will also help in avoiding jet lag so be sure to drink up.

Travel safe and smart but above all enjoy your time!