Traveling Green This Holiday Season

When traveling, it is always challenging to forecast what to pack for the trip. The weather is unpredictable, you may be unsure on the amount of walking you will do, or how many outfits you will need. The website Green Travel lays out some basic tips to pack green for your next trip:

First, pack multipurpose items. For example, pack versatile shoes that are comfortable; make sure they can be worn with several outfits and are appropriate for different occasions. Different clothing items can be versatile as well, such as a pair of pant or a sweater. Be sure to bring reusable items such as cloth shopping bags, it will create less waste during your trip. Another great tip for green traveling is to cut down on the nonessential items. By cutting down, you will reduce weight in your bag and in most cases you will find that you can function without them.

For more in depth tips for traveling green, head to Green Travel. They also offer great advice on preparing your home before you travel and transportation options.