The Unicorn Red DIVVY Bike is Back in the Wild

On July 7th Hotel Felix will partner with Divvy for a chance to win a two-night stay plus spa gift certificate. (some restrictions apply based on availability) If they find and share a picture of the #DIVVYRED bike on social media.

To celebrate their birthday, Divvy, Chicago’s bike share system, has released a single red bike painted the color of the stars on the city flag.

  • On July 7, be on the lookout for the red Divvy because the prize is one you’ll love… A two-night stay plus a gift certificate (some restrictions apply and based on availability at the time of booking). Be on the lookout and then follow the instructions below to share a photo if you find the red Divvy using hashtag #REDDIVVY


    To enter for a chance to win a 2 night stay and spa gift certificate at Hotel Felix follow these steps:

    1. Find the red Divvy bike around Chicago on July 7th (don’t need to ride just see it)
    2. Take a picture
    3. Post the picture right away on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Tag it #DIVVYRED and @HotelFelix so we can find it.

    According to, you only need to see it, not necessarily ride it. You can, “Discover it in one of our stations, watch someone riding it on the street, spot it far in the distance…when you see that beautiful red bike, know you’re experiencing a special moment.”

  • Then when you see the red bike, take a photo and post it to with the hashtag #DIVVYRED and our tag @HotelFelix. Make sure your profile is public so that we can see when you’ve posted.

  • Junru Huang, Chicago Tribune
    Junru Huang, Chicago Tribune
  • All throughout the month of July Chicagoans who see the #DIVVYRED bike and share a picture on social media will be entered to win a contest. Although Hotel Felix and Divvy have teamed up to offer one of the best packages.

  • So whether you are just visiting Chicago, spending the summer, or a permanent resident, you can participate in #DIVVYRED. Just keep your eyes peeled for the odd bike out, snap a picture, and share, because it’s all about sharing right?

    Divvy will award the prizes. Have fun and good luck!