Unique Experiences 101

Like many, I’m a curious person. I want to broaden my perspective of life. It’s like when a friend or family member tells you about a vacation spot you’ve never gone to or a restarant you’ve never dined in.

When I signed on to be part of the Hotel Felix project in December 2007, I got a unique experience of my own. I’d never worked in an eco-friendly hotel that’s designed to be LEED Silver certified. In fact, I couldn’t have told you what that meant at the time. I didn’t know I’d see guests from literally all over the world just a month into opening the hotel. I’ve even had the opportunity to coordinate extensive marketing, sales & PR.

Those unique experiences spoke to me & with the team, we decided to ensure our guests recieved ones of their own. For example, our very first check-in was a 40th birthday party for a gentleman named Stan. He & his family and friends planned a weekend of fun. When they asked us for a van cab so everyone could travel together to dinner, we booked a limo at no additional cost & made sure there was champagne. I think Stan will remember his 40th birthday at the Hotel Felix! (See you for your 41st, Stan.) We want to make your visit in Chicago a Unique Experience. So visit our website & book your reservation now at www.hotelfelixchicago.com. We’ll make you Happy. Naturally.